One-to-Global is a one-to-one technology integration initiative.  The purpose of One-to-Global is to use technology equipment, programs, and application to engage students in challenging, critical thinking, and real world activities and learning.


The mission of Sumter School District is to equip students to be responsible, successful, and productive citizens in a global society.  The mission of the One-to-Global Technology Initiative is to connect each student to the global opportunity of learning and to use innovation to engage and prepare students for the 21st Century.


The vision of One-to-Global is to transform traditional classroom instruction to an environment of innovative, global reaching, real life, critical thinking, and student centered learning.


The goals of One-to-Global are to:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Increase student depth of knowledge and academic achievement
  • Reduce classroom disruption
  • Provide innovative classroom instruction
  • Facilitate on-going technology professional development


  • Classroom Observations
  • Benchmark/MAP Data
  • ABE Discipline Data
  • SAMR Model
  • Professional Develop Feedback Survey

Instructional Innovation District Programs

One-to Global Handbooks

  • Elementary One-to-Global Parent and Student Handbook
  • Middle/High One-to-Global Parent and Student Handbook

Instructional Innovation 

Integrating technology into classroom instruction goes beyond just teaching computer skills and software programs in a computer class. It should be used throughout the curriculum to enhance the learning process, promote engagement, and facilitate group and individual participation. Effective technology integration should also support collaboration and connections to real-world experts, and be used regularly to achieve curricular goals. At Sumter School District, we strive to effectively integrate technology into K-12 education to meet the needs of today’s learners who are highly relational and require quick access to new knowledge. We have incorporated a variety of technologies to support teachers and students in developing technology-infused activities that encourage critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

An Instructional  Innovation Specialist (IIS) is a commonly used term for a similar role to an instructional technology coach. An innovation specialist typically works to promote innovation and creativity in educational settings, including the integration of technology into teaching and learning. The Instructional Innovation Specialists’ (IIS) role is to support teachers and staff with strategies that improve teaching and learning. Click Here for Instructional Innovation Framework 



Instructional Innovation Team

Dr. David Laws, Director of Instructional Innovation

Melissa A Epps, Lead Instructional Innovation Specialist

Krista Jennings, Instructional Innovation Specialist

Aaron Johnson, Cybersecurity Innovation Specialist

Marlissa Morton, Instructional Innovation Specialist

Catherine Owens, Lead Instructional Innovation Specialist

Leroy Steigerwalt, Mobile STEM Innovation Specialist

Desirae Whittleton, Lead Instructional Innovation Specialist