Curriculum & Instruction

Cornelius Leach
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
(803) 469-6900 x516
Lucille Barnes
Executive Assistant to Dr. Cornelius Leach
(803) 469-6900 x532
Rita Beard
Director of Career and Technology Education/ROTC
(803) 469-6900 x511
Ingrid Geddis
Administrative Assistant to D. Trombly, C. Carnes, Dr. J. McLeod, and D. Hill
(803) 469-6900 x530
Cynthia Graham
Director of Literacy Programs
(803) 469-6900 x504
Debbie Hill
Director of Professional Development
(803) 469-6900 x533
Emily Kimpton
Coordinator of ELA
(803) 469-6900 x507
Carla King
Coordinator of Mathematics
(803) 469-6900 x513
John Koumas
Director of Support Services, Coordinator of SS/Modern Languages
(803) 469-6900 x518
Jadé McLeod
Director of Instruction
(803) 469-6900 x520
Lori Smith
Coordinator of Science/Fine Arts
(803) 469-6900 x514
David Trombly
Director of Testing and Accountability ESOL, Title III, Gifted Education
(803) 469-6900 x523

Early Childhood Education

Libby DuBose
Director Early Childhood Education
(803) 774-5900 x116
Janaeda Clark
Administrative Assistant
(803) 774-5900 x107
Arlene McCloud
Administrative Assistant to L. DuBose
(803) 774-5900 x108

Instructional Technology

David Laws
Director Instructional Technology Secondary
(803) 469-6900 x509
Melissa Epps
Innovation Technology Specialist
(803) 469-6900 x508
Keasha Grant
Innovation Technology Specialist
(803) 469-6900 x515
Karen Lang
Information System/E-Rate Specialist, Administrative Assistant to D. Laws
(803) 469-6900 x531
Jamie Lessard
Innovation Technology Specialist
(803) 469-6900 x534

Special Services

Shawn Hagerty
Director of Specialized Programs
(803) 774-5500 x201
L’ara McAlister
Special Education Elementary Coordinator
(803) 774-5500 x217
Vivian McGhaney
Curriculum Coordinator
(803) 774-5500 x220
Tamra Smith
Special Education Middle and High School Coordinator
(803) 774-5500 x221